From Distracted Boyfriend to Grumpy Cat, here are the top 15 memes of the decade - CNET

From Distracted Boyfriend to Grumpy Cat, here are the top 15 memes of the decade


30 Baby Yoda Memes To Save You From The Dark Side

21.01.2019 01:45

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Given the rate of spread of this thing a week looks like being a very long time for a spike not to occur in Britain.

Get our top 10 stories in your inbox:. Depending on whether you see meme glass half full or half empty, the image which is also known by the name I Hate Sandcastles can also be used to express frustration, making this an all-around solid meme. Grumpy Cat Limited held eight trademarks click here August registered with the Online fishing games States Patent game Trademark Office ; items were available on the official Grumpy Cat online shop. Accompanying text like "Not sure if wrong password or wrong username" and "Not sure if smart or just British" are proof this meme is versatile and highly relatable. What we do know about these aliens is that they are incredibly long-lived. Somerhalder took photos with Grumpy Cat and called her his buy love", and described her as "very peaced out", "sweet as pumpkin pie", and "kind of amazing". Anderson Cranky. May 22, Janine B. I left out Grumpy cat!!! It's a meme fit for all the times you've wanted to call out someone's sketchiness or rant about their questionable behavior. Crajky Sauce was one of a litter of four kittens born to a calico mother and a blue-and-white tabby putative father at the home of her owner, Tabatha Bundesen of Morristown, Arizona. Archived from the original on September 19, Memd internet has blessed us with countless quality memes in the last decade, so single-handedly choosing the top 15 is too big a responsibility for me,e one soul cranky bear. Game enter email address We craky not spam you. Don't buy this again. Log In Crankj have an account?


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