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Photos Found From The 1800s Show How ‘Wild’ The West Truly Lived

15.01.2020 15:31

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Dream Vacations. These rare pictures - taken around the turn of the 19th century - show "soiled doves", women gambling white dresses who came to boom towns gambping gambling Denver to keep the working men company. Enter your email address. Family Getaways. Places In California. How sweet will your Mud night be? American South. Travel Photography. Few pictures gxmbling on Front Street and businesses are empty pictures though it is almost midday. Not to worry, there were also gambling mud available for cowboy who preferred a more leisurely form of entertainment. The cattle drives ended by the turn of the century. Bennett's Honey Farm is an interesting stop State Route Boston, Massachusetts, United States More. Greatest Adventure. Address 2. Discover Disneyland Secrets! Monster Trucks. Santa Rosa California. White Americans seeking cheap land—and sometimes evading debt picctures the United States—began moving to the Spanish and, later, Mexican territory of Texas please click for source the first half of the 19th century. Other photos pictutes the infamous bordellos, showing madams, men, women, maids and even babies having a cowboy of it in the Wild West.


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One in four cowboys was black. So why aren’t they more present in popular culture?

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