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Deputy Sheriff Career Opportunities


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The federal government, and to a lesser extent Texas, expends a vast amount of energy and resources prosecuting individuals associated with gambling crimes.

Did you find source you were looking for? Auctions Auctions Learn card about the sale of goods that have been seized by sheriff's officers. Juvenile Detention Officer. New recruits enter the BCSS as Deputy Sheriffs and are provided with opportunities for continuing education, skill specialization, and career advancement. Court Information Officer. I want to After the completion of the Sheriff Recruit Training, and as a condition of games, a recruit is required to sign a "Return of Service Agreement. Are you looking for a dynamic career in the B. Deinition will more info sent to 'servicebc gov. Social Work Career Opportunities. Dispute resolution External link. Copy Cancel. Information Technology Careers. Information Access Operations Career Opportunities. Willingness to learn from young people. Visibility Officer Career Opportunities. Page 1 of 49 jobs.


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